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Name Tutor’s Name Course Date “The Help” Movie Analysis The movie “The Help” is a drama film released in 2011 adapted from a novel by Kathryn Stockett written in 2009 with the same name. When the novel was released, Mark Radcliffe and Michael Barnathan decided to produce the movie in their company “1492 Pictures.” The movie was written and directed by Tate Taylor who is Stockett's childhood friend. The movie is about a young girl Skeeter who has graduated and returned home only to find the family maid had left and no one tells her what happened. She is then motivated to write a novel on the lives of the neighborhood maids and the things they experience working for the white folks. The movie focuses on racial segregation of the black people. In some places in the movie, we find the black people traveling in buses meant for black people. The intended audience of the movie was African Americans and white people, so they can understand how segregation was a serious ...

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