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MPH Job Posting First Last Name Date Institution Occupational Health Project Manager Job The job posting requires an Occupational health project manager, for UnitedHealth Group in Minnetonka, USA. From the job requirements, the manager needs to have Masters in public health (MPH). At the UnitedHealth Group, is an equal opportunity employer, with all the applicants who are qualified being considered without bias to race, sex or genetic information. For this job, I feel it need an MPH as an essential factor qualification ( 2018). There are a number of reasons why I feel, an occupational health manager should have such qualifications. First, as part of his or her responsibilities is manning a multitude of occupational health and also projects regarding prevention of infection. With such requirement, a project manager will, therefore, need an mph. Secondly, with mph, it allows a physician to be able to transit from pure clinical to research, managerial and policy wor...

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