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Student Name Instructor Course Name Date The Kite Runner Novel by Khaled Hosseini What does the expression “the past claws its way out” (1) mean, and how does it come true in the novel? From an individual perspective, the expression implies that Amir’s life is connected to his past. The past is later revealed in the novel where Hassan was raped; an event that defines Amir’s life. Inasmuch as Amir was attempting to forget about the past, the event hunted him due to guilt. He further associates the past with an alley which figuratively indicates the alley where Hassan was raped indicating that his mind keeps on recalling the event. Growing up, Amir and Hassan are told by Ali that “there was a brotherhood between people who had fled from the same breast, a kinship that not even time could break,” which proves true later in the novel (11). How does this phrase prove true for Amir and Hassan, and later Amir and Sohrab? How are they bound together forever even beyond t...

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