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The Public Safety Exception to Miranda Name Institution The Public Safety Exception to Miranda In the article “The Public Safety Exception to Miranda,” Benoit focus on specific aspects of the Miranda rule that relate to the exceptions in its applications by law enforcers in engagement with a suspected criminal. Most assertions in the article conform to my opinion about the rule, especially how it helps law enforcers safeguard their safety as well as that of the public. The first part of the article details the origin of the Miranda rule, which is accurate in most of the explanations. Using the case New York v. Quarles, Benoit (2011) explains how information received by officers can influence the way they act to ensure public safety. The second part of the article, which I also agree with, details the scenarios under which officers may disregard the provision of the rule. In disregard of the law, Benoit (2011) explains that unless police officers have an objectively reason...

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