The Science of Making Decisions Dissertation Example

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date The Science of Making Decisions In the article "The Science of Making Decisions" Begley describes the effect of information overload on the cognitive abilities of the human brain (1). The current daily activities of people are characterized by the constant flow of information from all over the world, through social media and information passed from by other people. The effect according to Begley (1) has been an overwhelming amount of data in the human brain requiring to be sampled by the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex for smart, creative and successful decision making. Too much information beyond the dorsolateral PFC’s threshold can cause it to fall off resulting in people making mistakes and bad choices which they end up regretting later. According to Begley (1), the brain makes decisions by comparing the information collected. The surfeit of information is causing harmful cognitive effect hence negatively affecting the ability of...

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