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Title: The Southern Tigers 50 Min-Cut VIDEO AUDIO Camera focuses (airport) Camera pans airport and Crown Prince’s jet. The camera pans to technicians discussing the runway. Mid-size passenger jet lands on the runway. Another jet lands and taxies around on the runway. Jet taxies into the hangar. Technicians conduct evaluates and discusses around the jet. The camera pans the front of the black jet from down upwards. The camera pans second white jet. Cut to Suspense music Music plays along Music fades out Take one on the stables The camera pans to the stables as a man tends to the horses. Johor prince makes a dramatic entry at the head of a group of Harley style bikes into his estate. There is a small motorcade of cars and SUVs behind the bikes. He casually dismounts and greets two men seem to be part of his staff but at a high level. The camera pans to the rest of the entourage as they put the bikes away. The prince relaxes on the benches outside the stable stru...

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