Free The topic is writing a letter to a faculty committee in defense of including horror stories as part of a college curriculum Dissertation Example

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date A Letter Faculty Committee: In Defense of Inclusion of Horror Stories as Part of the College Curriculum To the Faculty Committee on Undergraduate Education University Faculty Senate Office P O Box 1234-0124567 University Park, ABCD1234Z Re: In Defense of Inclusion of Horror stories as Part of the College Curriculum Dear Faculty Committee, I am writing to express my honest views on the misconception about the use of horror stories in classroom settings as a promotion of “cheap and tawdry” genre. While the use of literary forms of texts has been emphasized in all stages of our educational level, horror stories have and remain as important as any other genres that have been recognized as useful in challenging the student’s critical thinking, logic, and reason. Especially in literature, horror stories have delivered in education as much as other genres of stories such as sci-fi, comedy, ethics, bibliographies and historical st...

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