The Winning Streak The art of winning Dissertation Example

Category: Art
Subcategory: Environment
Level: High School
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Name Professor Course Date Poetry The Winning Streak The art of winning is not hard to master So many a dream it is for every team Gaining the victory is always a rock The hare asked the best player in practice Are you willing to give your best? Achieving victory defines greatness Nobody likes losing! It is dishonorable As a practice, makes perfect a man Taking falls as encouragement to toil Seek the advice of great grand achievers. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! The sound of victory so sweet The struggle significantly evident Rewarding excellence, a willful win Run along that rocky hill back and forth Open the book and read those black words As surely, they are filled with wisdom Train that art of mastery Remember to thank that who provides Make winning streak. The above poem talks about ways of achieving excellence in any field, be it the talents or the classroom environment. I drew some of the ideas from the poem, “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop since it talks a...

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