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Terri Schiova Ethical Decision Name Institution Instructor Date Theresa Schiavo was born on December 1963 in Pennsylvania to Mary and Robert Schindler. In 1990 when she was 26 years old, Terri collapsed and was admitted to North side hospital in Florida. The medics revealed that she was suffering from a brain injury after a series of tests. Michael, Terri’s husband, was appointed the guardian to her wife by the courts after she was admitted and had to live on machine support. Terri’s family was however not notified of the appointment of Michael Schiavo. The husband thus took responsibility for her wife and her property. Terri passed through a series of hospitals with the aim of helping cure her condition. Michael sued two doctors for malpractice and was offered a considerable sum of money for damage due to misconduct. The money led to disagreements between Michal and Terri’s parents with the former limiting the later from accessing their daughter. After filling a case in court,...
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