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Student Professor Course Date Thomas Cole Expulsion from the Garden of Eden The Expulsion demonstrates the scene from the book of Genesis section three after Adam and Eve have eaten from the fruit which God has prohibited them from eating; they were tossed out of the Garden of Eden and into the existence where they are compelled to work and endure the results of their transgression. It is a scene of greatly troubled Adam and Eve being thrown out from the Garden. Cole has likewise made progress in the structuring of the bodies of the figures here. They are very exact as they demonstrate Adam's muscularity and the bending of his torso trying to cover his face in disgrace, while Eve's shame is to such an extent that she covers her body with hands. Cole, however, has given Adam and Eve an incredible measure of articulation as they lament over the results of their sins. The emotional yet sensible pictures of the couple in the figure show how Cole needs us to see and feel their torm...

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