Timeline of Masterpieces of World Literature Dissertation Example

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name ENG 201 Due Date Timeline of Masterpieces of World Literature Earliest Literature Epic of Gilgamesh-Anonymous-2000 B.C. Theme: Gender Roles. I have chosen this theme to show the role played by women in bringing change to the society. Epic of Gilgamesh is a story based on Gilgamesh, who was not only a careless but a cruel king as well. He spent most of his time attaining foreign lands, raping women and fatiguing his citizens. However, his life is saved by his soul mate and companionship, Enkidu, who helps him to learn about integrity, how to be wise and how to be compassionate. It is through the efforts of Enkidu that Gilgamesh becomes not only a great king but also a fair king. Search for Immortality. In many stories, the search for immortality has been the primary objective of the adventures and travels made by heroes. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the heroes are greatly tempted by the offer of immortality. However, they turn down the offer, bas...

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