Free Title: A comparative evaluation of the use of carbon footprint calculators to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Dissertation Example

Category: Accounting
Subcategory: Agriculture
Level: Masters
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A COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF THE USE OF CARBON FOOTPRINT CALCULATORS TO MITIGATE GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS By (Name) The Course (Name of the Class) The Course instructor (Professor) The Institution The City and State location The Date The history of carbon calculators and their use in agriculture Introduction The recent climatic changes experienced in different parts of the world continue to have numerous disastrous consequences on the globe. They are responsible for environmental changes linked to the emission of some of the most hazardous gasses. Environmental changes including but not limited to global warming, melting of the polar ice caps, the spread of desertification and destruction of the ozone layer. Greenhouse gases are released through several human activities including livestock farming and release of untreated industrial waste materials into the environment. This is realized more so as a result of discouraged farming methods that propagate the release of green...

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