United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Dissertation Example

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Invitation Letter Name Institutional Affiliation Course Date [Name] [Address] USA [Phone number] [25th/5/2018] United States Citizenship and Immigration Services [Los Angeles County Field Office] [300 North Los Angeles Street], [CA 90012] [Los Angeles] Re: Invitation to the United States It is with an absolute pleasure that I, [Emma Gonzalez], ID number [123455] wish to invite [Anne Hathaway], a citizen of the [Bahamas] to the United States of America. The purpose of her visit is to attend a wedding of a cousin, scheduled to take place on [July 20, 2018] in California. I acknowledge [Anne] as a close relative, and that is why I value her presence in witnessing my cousin’s step of commitment to his fiancé. Afterwards, I will be happy to host her for one month as she visits relatives and enjoys the attractions and hospitality of the country. With the highest assuredness, I inform you that [Anne] is a trusted individual and her presence in the country will not pose any ...

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