Video Summary: 9/11 Dissertation Example

Video Summary: 9/11 Sample
Video Summary: 9/11: In Plane Site Name Institution Video Summary: 9/11: In Plane Site The film 9/11: In plane Site is a video which is narrated by Dave Von Kleist who analyses the events that took place during the September 11 terrorist attack in the United States. The video presents a thorough analysis which focuses on the two World Trade Centre buildings and the Pentagon. The video slows down the news feed form that day form major television networks like the BBC, FOX, and CNN, and what is seen is different from what many people saw and perceived in "real time" on that fateful day. The live footage covering the Pentagon under attack was not seen clearly by many people due to the confusion and smoke, but it was captured by the media. There are several interviews carried out on that fateful day in the film but one that might shock the audience is the one with Mark Burnback who works for FOX News. He claimed that he was in close proximity to the second aircraft and looked at it thorou...
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