Volunteering at a Hospice Dissertation Example

Volunteering at a Hospice Sample
High School
Volunteering at a Hospice: Life Changing Experience Name Institution Date Many experiences in life determine the character of an individual. These occurrences, especially a personal experience, shape our lives in future. One of the most significant and personal experiences that made me an empathic person is a voluntary program I attended at a hospice near my home. It opened my eyes to the pain cancer patients go through as well as the nurses giving palliative care. My first day at the hospice was overwhelming, the nurse in charge gave me a history of the direst patients who did not get better or even recover from chemotherapy and radiation treatment. One specific patient, a 70-year-old woman, suffering from endometrial cancer caught my eye. During the one-month program, nobody came to visit her. The nurse in charge, however, assured me that the hospice gives her care and support with personal care just like she would get at home. For several days I ensured I pass by at her room and hea...
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