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The War of the Worlds Portfolio Assignment 9.3: The War of the Worlds Story Analysis Chart Name: Date: Course Access Number: Summarize the story The War of the Worlds: The narrative captures a twelve day attack on planet Earth by invaders from Mars. According to the narrator, the people of Earth never anticipated an invasion by the Martians, which explains why they treated the raid with complacency at first. However, they are later forced into a protective state of combat after realizing the seriousness of the invasion. The story is a science fiction text that details the landing of a peculiar disk on Horsell Common, Surrey (Wells 182). It later hatches and releases a malevolent alien, which not only destroys the Earth with its heat ray but also strikes terror in the heart. The strange creature renders humanity powerless as the Martians effortlessly seize control. Character(s) who are affected by the supernatural, sinister, or spooky element The narrator, his brother...

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