Why Is Eating Healthy Important Dissertation Example

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Article Review Student Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The article on review, “Why Is Eating Healthy Important?” by Jan Annigan entails good nutrition. My area of interest is food and hence I chose to write a review on a topic regarding a healthy diet. The purpose of the article is to highlight the significance of eating healthy food. The review involves identifying, the article’s audience, its thesis statement, the manner in which the writer presents the introductory paragraph, and the topic sentences of the associated paragraphs. The review also involves a brief summary of the concluding paragraph and a three-sentence summary of the whole article. Furthermore, the review puts into view the textual analysis of two paragraphs. The analysis entails; the key development points of each paragraph, five interesting grammar points, five interesting terms with respect to definition and synonym, three comprehension queries including their answers, and two sentence through whi...

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