Women and Gender Studie Dissertation Example

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Women and Gender Studies The media must find something catchy and worthy listeners’ or viewers’ time therefore so specific and choosy in making headlines. Most of the time people have been notified about the world and local sports involving only men. It is not that women are not usually participating in these events but the level of interest in the issue for both men and women is different. In fact, people have gone to the extent of thinking that some sporting activities are meant for men only just because they do not hear anything about women participants in that line of sports. In the article given about why media does not give much attention to women’s participation in sports, there have been various reasons advanced towards supporting this fact (Kirkup et al., 443). The first reason is that the media knows only men because they are sports newsmakers and not women. A tiny percentage of women are represented on the sports n...

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