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​ Name Professor Course Date Gilgamesh and Rama Rama and Gilgamesh are ancient epic heroes but of different measures in terms of how they conducted themselves in their quests. To be a hero, one ought to have some mission in which he or she exhibits heroism along the way. For instance, Rama had obeyed his father request of not claiming the throne and stay in the forest fourteen years, even though he was entitled to the throne. If it were a non- heroic individual in the same position, he would not have withstood this but Rama surprises us with the kind of attitude has over the whole arrangement (Vālmīki and Menon 29). Rama honored his father’s command even when the circumstances seemed to be unfair for him. Most people could not understand the importance of Rama handing the throne to Bharata (Dutt 291). As for Gilgamesh, his quest came after the death of Enkidu; he had to uncover immortality. His heroism emanates from how he grew fast and learned through his journey ...

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