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Name: Supervisor: Course: Date: Stage Conflicts: Intimacy vs. Isolation and Integrity vs. Despair The movie, “Rebel Without A Cause” is an embodiment of conflict among the youth. The theme of this film and the fate of key characters like Jim Stark implies that rebellion can be destructive. John Stark is able to be intimate with both Judy and Plato. He also exhibits more characteristics of despair than integrity. INTIMACY VS. ISOLATION The movie depicts that Judy shows intimacy to both Judy and Plato. According to Weidauer (Weidauer), Jim and Judy's intimacy is based on the pursuit of same things in life which are, a safer and stable family. They confide with each other at the abandoned house. They even proceed to make a wedding mockery after which Judy admits that she loves Jim. According to Slocum (182), Judy and Jim are seen kissing which shows love and affection. In the abandoned house they are seen to slip away and share a private moment. Jim shows the capability of be...
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