Leadership perception through the historical lens Dissertation Example

Leadership perception through the historical lens Sample
Employee Motivation Name Course Institutional affiliation Employee Motivation The five basic needs Abraham Maslow identified include physiological needs which is the lowest in the hierarchy, it is then followed by security, social, esteem needs, and self-actualization, needs in that sequence (Certo, 2016). If a supervisor applies Maslow’s theory the some of the specific ways their needs would be met include the provision of a safe working environment free of hazards. The provision of adequate wages the roles and duties is also another way the needs of the deficiency needs would be met. Besides, the creation of a suitable employment climate for the employees to maximize their potential would also be critical to increase job satisfaction and improve performance. Family-friendly policies in the workplace enhance the employees to fulfill both their work and family objectives. Some of the currently available family-friendly policies include the in-house daycare policies where comp...
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