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Student Tutor Course Date Objective 2 In Your Opinion, were the Shays right or wrong? What doubts concerning the Shays' rebellion embody? In a broader perspective, the Shays rebellion refers to an armed resistance that happened in the United States of America, which is one of the contributors of the creation of a stronger and central government (Goldscheider 62). In my opinion, the Shays were right for some of their struggles were worth the fight. It is due to their rebellion that the constitution, which incorporates all was formed unlike before, where there were unjust economic policies and widespread corruption. Some of the doubts concerning Shay's rebellion include unfair taxes levied, and unsympathetic government, especially to the farmers. Objective 4 Essential Ways Through Which Authors Of The Constitution Limited The Powers Of The Presidency And An Opinion On Whether They Did A Good Job On Giving The President Enough Power To Do His Job. The framers of the constitution...
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