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Ethics Author’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: The actions of man are greatly concerned with the science of ethics. Ethics defines the actions of a man on morality grounds. Ethics, therefore, take note that not all human actions fit in the definition of a human act. An act committed by an individual must have been done willfully and willingly for a person to be held accountable. In ethics, a human act does not involve an action committed by an individual without his/her consent and knowledge. The action is supposed to be voluntary. The individual should also have full knowledge and consent. A committed act should also be proper to man. This is because unlike animals, man is an intellectual being with the freedom of will. Action should also stem from a conscious state of mind, and the individual should be in complete control and possess the power (Williams, B. 2012). Some theories have been developed in an attempt to explain how free human beings are in making choices. Accordi...

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