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Author’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title:Date of Submission: Instructions on how to Maintain Rollers in a Tea Processing Plant Working in a factory can be very challenging. Safety of an individual and the general workforce is very paramount in such working places where there are a lot of machines that can be fatal if not taken care. It is therefore prudent for anybody working in such work settings to be accustomed to and familiar with the rules, regulations, and instructions that guide working in such places. Rollers are some of the essential and universal requirements in a tee processing industry. There are several instructions that one must adhere to and abide by to ensure safety, well being and to ease and smoothen the manufacturing process. Rollers must regularly be oiled. Oiling ensures that rollers move with efficiency and work smoothly. Oiling also ensures that rulers are kept functional all the time without getting rust and wearing out. Regular maintenance is als...
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