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AMAZON FRESH SERVICE Student’s Name Course Professor’s Name University City (State) Date On top of the Amazon Prime is the Amazon fresh, service that is based on membership. The Amazon fresh involves the services of grocery delivery that is now available in some particular states in the United States. Others include Tokyo, London and in Berlin, Germany among other capital areas. The experience with AmazonFresh involves doing the shopping of grocery through the online market space. The customers can manage to do online shopping when they browse through the digital aisles. Upon browsing to find some of the groceries they need, customers then pick on dry goods, deli items, and products with which they stock carts of all they need (, Inc., 2018, para2). Having been satisfied with their stock in carts, the customers have to schedule for the deliveries either at home, office or any convenient place. The customers of AmazonFresh manage this with very few clicks. Thus, the...
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