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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Richard II The scene begins with Richard II’s return to his kingdom from Ireland. He is quite overjoyed; He weeps for joy to stand in his throne once again (Shakespeare 29) for the safe return although the place he knew as a home is filled with rebels who are not so happy with his return. He, therefore, calls on the gods; the earth not to be merciful and provide for his foes but rather to be kind on him and favor his royal hands, while he causes suffering to his enemies (Shakespeare 29). This paper, therefore, aims at exploring the change in attitude in Richard II upon return and later on encountering his enemies while also exploring other themes of the play. Having left the Kingdom as the ruler of his people, he returns home quite confident. He minds not Gaunt’s warning of fighting the wrong battle hence endangering his country before he left for Ireland. He had also confiscated Gaunt’s wealth upon his death (Shakespeare 24) which made p...
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