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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Discussion Question – Response Step 1 To deal with the uncertainty about the advice I would give, I would first research more about schizophrenia condition, especially whether is possible to have and care for a baby. I would also look out for case studies of those who have been in the couple’s situation and how they managed their condition in their family life. Lastly, I would gather videos and other photographic content on schizophrenia which can help me make better decision regarding the dilemma of the couple. In reacting to the scenario, the first action I would do is to ask the couple to think through their decision. I would reassure them of my desire to see them live happy and fulfilled lives but with enlightenment and not ignorance. I would emphasize that the final decision about their future lies with them and no one else. However, I would be careful to also inform them of the risks associated with having a child based o...
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