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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Religion and ISIS ISIS is fighting Kurds, US and Turkey. ISIS is fighting against the protagonists who have come together in this war. Turkey’s main enemy is Kurdish. Kurds have sought an independent state, but the Turkish government has opposed. The Kurds are an ethnic community, which lives in the eastern part of Syria and Iran (Sarah 2015). Kurds help fight ISIS. No religion plays a great part in this engagement. Traditional prophetic doctrines are applied in this war. Interpretation of religious doctrines by Islamic extremists is what is at play herein. From this video, the conflict here is not associated with any religion since even personal conflicts have contributed to the intensity of the war. Foreigners travel far and wide due to economic disappointments while others are attracted to irrational doctrines. Destina is determined to fight despite her one-week training. This video depicts the determination of fighters to ...
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