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Name: Instructor College: Course: Date: Shteyngart’s Narrative and the American Dream An example from the story where the narrator experiences perfection is when he eats at McDonald’s. The narrator says “…we stopped at a McDonald’s. I could already taste it: The sixty-nine-cent hamburger” (Shteyngart, Gary, et al., 1). One important thing that can be noted in this example is the fact the narrator knew what exactly he wanted to eat at McDonald's. In other words, the narrator had a clear focus. The focus was so clear to the extent that the narrator felt as though he had tasted the hamburger upon stopping at McDonald’s (Shteyngart, Gary, et al., 2). The above example relates to the American dream in the sense that the narrator had an aspiration. The aspiration of the narrator was to eat at McDonald’s. According to the American dream ideology, one cannot rise to the level of his or her aspirations if he or she does not have an aspiration (NMD, 1). The significanc...

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