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Process Recordings Name University Affiliation Date The visit was to the University Behavioral Health of Denton which is a free psychiatric hospital that provides counseling services for mental health and Chemical dependency treatment and outpatients CITATION Uni13 l 1033 (University Behavioral Health of Denton, 2013). Furthermore, they treat sexual trauma, mental disorders, and provide rehabilitation facilities. The doctor in charge became interviewed. Interview with Client The doctor met with me the general office as planned. I introduced myself as a social work trainee. He asked me why I was there. I told her about some patients I interacted with were not satisfied with the outcomes of their results. He stated that he is not informed about that. There was an awkward silence. I asked about the challenges encountered during work, and he did not take it well. There was a tense moment between us, and I decided to end the interview and ask if I could meet at the end of the mo...
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