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Nurse Leadership Student’s Name Institution’s Affiliation Scenario one: Inpatient Nephrology Unit Change theory The change theory incorporates three elements responsible for achieving meaningful changes in any management setting. The three factors include the driving force, restraining force and the equilibrium (Petiprin, 2016). In line with these factors are the three stages involved in the process of change which includes unfreezing, change and refreezing. The change theory can effectively be used in streamlining the change process in this particular scenario. In the unfreezing stage, the need to inform nurses and all other stakeholders about the urgency and the need for change is of paramount importance. In the change stage, the nurses in the unit are introduced to the new set of arrangement. Lastly, in the refreezing stage, the new mode of operation becomes the standard mode, and the previous mode is entirely discarded. Strategies and rationale To achieve sus...

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