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Name Course Instructor Date Writing Energy Pathways Running The Phosphagen system is the first energy system that is required to initiate running. This process does not need oxygen, and it is often sourced for when there is an urgent need for energy to begin running. The ATP phosphocreatine system is the quickest and direct energy production process, and it can only be used to provide energy for a short sprint of about five seconds. It mainly depends on creatine phosphate presence that is often in short supply and easily depleted. Upon its exhaustion, the body then calls up the next system. The next energy system used in running is the glycolysis or anaerobic system. This system which is also known as lactate system does not need oxygen. Glycolysis energy system provides energy for approximately three minutes of intense running when there is no oxygen to facilitate aerobic metabolism (Benardot and Dan 56). Glucose is the main source of energy as it is broken down into two pyru...

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